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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas at Pop and Lola's

First of all, before I get too far into this post, I need to share a confession. The pictures that I posted yesterday of Christmas morning, really happened on Christmas Eve.

Earlier in the week, we realized that we needed to get to my parents a little earlier because my dad has been sick. Also, there's nobody telling us the rules, so we decided we could do some "surprising" if we wanted to.

So, on December 23, we told Reed that Santa was coming that night and lo and behold he came Christmas Eve morning. Ain't that special.

Anyway, we didn't tell Pop and Lola we were coming early, so we got to surprise them, and then we didn't tell my Mom that we were coming early (I let my dad in on it), so she got a surprise today when we arrived.

We arrived at Pop and Lola's and Reed was thrilled to be there.

Aunt Ava painted Reed the cutest R for his room.

We finally convinced him to turn it the correct way.

Aunt Ava has a thing for dots.

We woke up Christmas morning and opened presents.

Reed loves presents. LOVES presents!

Pop and Lola got Reed some really cute toys and presents.

The cameras were flashing in one direction for the most part, but I diverted for a few minutes.

Reed's big present is sitting in our backyard at home. It's an awesome swingset from Pop and Lola. They are coming to put it up in a couple of weeks.

Aunt Ava and Uncle Brookie enjoyed their stockings. Yes, Uncle Brookie got Spray Starch. Lola is very practical.

Aunt Ava and Uncle Brookie got Reed a book, some cars, and a really cute suitcase that matches his backpack and lunchbox.

Oh, and Aunt Ava made Reed this cute crayon holder.

For Me?

Now Reed has his own luggage.

Complete with monkeys.

Pop liked his Christmas present from us, it was a book of our beach trip.
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