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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Whoa! Santa went crazy! There's lots of pictures, so strap yourself in!

This is what it all looked like before it was wrapped.

After wrapping.

The stocking.

I'll wake up in a minute ho-ho.

Whoa! What's this?

an art easel!

Sit and Spin

More presents.


I want some!

The grouchy ladybug game!

Fake food!

I don't think so!

James the train!

Percy! Santa has it on authority that Reed will be getting a really cool train table in the next couple of days.

Don't break the ice!

M & Ms!

Teddy graham break!

lots of stuff.

Reed loves opening presents!

The loot: We'll give you Santa's pricelist later.

Mama's presents.

A fondue set.


Daddy's presents

A book. The Blind Side.

Firing gel for the fondue.

Oooh, a candle!

Clean linen! Yumm.

A filler present, but mama doesn't know.

Measuring spoons? I had to get to $25.00 for free Amazon shipping.

Get your tongue right.

A bike!

Santa did good, he did really good. If you are loyal blog readers you know that Santa has been on Dave Ramsey big time this year. So, Santa's Christmas budget was tight. Abbey and I both always had huge Christmas's growing up so we wanted to continue the tradition for Reed, but we also didn't want to blow the budget. Here is the breakdown.

From Consignment Sale:
Art Easel - $8.00
Bike - $2.00
Helmet - $4.00
Sit and Spin - $4.00
Cars Truck - $5.00
Ho Ho PJs - $3.00

Total: $26.00
Minus $26.00 credit for working at sale = $0.00

Old Navy
1 Fleece PJ - $7.50
1 Knit PJ - $7.50
Total - $15.00

Grouchy Lady Bug -$16.00
Don't Break the Ice - $5.00
Fake Food - $10.00
Stocking Food - $8.00
Various Stocking Stuffers -$12.00
Total - $51.00

Books a Million
James the Train - $19.99

Toys R Us
Percy the Train - $21.99
Minus $21.99 from giftcard received for bad service at Babies R Us

Total Out of Pocket: $86.00 - Way to Go Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas!
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