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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas at Molly and John's

We headed to Memphis yesterday after my office Christmas party to have dinner with Molly, John, and Family.

There was quite an impressive spread of food.

Molly made the money that bought these cookies.

Molly made these yummy chocolates!

Caroline or Little Karen and Ava were all dressed up in their little Christmas outfits.

Brady is pure energy!

Ella was a little overwhelmed by Hugh and Brady's energy.

I don't think that anyone got to hold Ava except Jimmy.

Karen and Little Karen.

Jimmy and Sweet little Ava.

Oh wait, look closely, Molly is holding Ava in the background.

Jason enjoyed the shrimp!

Lola and Reed

Ella and her daddy.

Me and Ella (only long enough to get a picture together!)

Mr. Energy, Brady, trying to get Reed to come and play with him.

At least give him five Reed.

Reed loved the racetrack.

Hugh is a good big cousin.

Mr. Roy with the covington neice's, nephews, and Abbey.

Wait! We forgot to add Molly, that's better.

Reed, Brady, and Me singing Jingle Bells.

Brady and Reed riding Uncle John the horse!

On tap for today: Abbey and Lola go to the "Singing Christmas Tree". Reed and I nap!
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