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Monday, September 28, 2009

What We've Been Doing For!

The other night Abbey and Reed fixed a delicious apple pie. It was really really good. Reed loved getting to help.

I've been meaning to blog for several nights, but I can't find my new card reader and I was too lazy to go downstairs and get the camera cord.

Abbey and I worked really hard cleaning out our under stairs closet and our armoire in the living room that became more of a dumping ground for our junk that we couldn't find a place for over the past two years (hard to believe we've lived in this house almost two years!).

After we were finished cleaning out everything, we decided to move the armoire into our bedroom and rearrange in there. It looks really nice. Maybe we will take a picture. Then, we rearranged the living room. It also looks really nice. Maybe we will take a picture.

After church yesterday, we drove down to Birmingham so I could teach a conference at a church there. Reed enjoyed the hotel room.

(I included this picture, just in case you might get the idea that Reed is never unhappy! It does happen, rarely, but it does happen.)

Tonight, Reed and Britton were playing in the Batson's front yard and I saw our neighbor Jenny. Her husband has to travel a lot so we share travel stories. She was outside tonight, so she asked me if I was done traveling for a while. I was excited to tell her yes, and then I realized I have a conference at work next week, I fly to Columbia, SC on Friday after the conference ends, I fly back on Saturday and we will leave that night to drive to Dallas for LifeWay Kids Conference. Okay, so after like the 19th of October I will be conference free until the first of January.

I am hoping that I will be a better blogger in the near future!
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