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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Visit from Family

One of the things that we do not LOVE about living in Nashvegas is that we are SO FAR from family! It is really hard to be away from family, since Abbey and I grew up so close to our extended families. Thankfully, MSU played Vandy in Nashville and most of my family are huge MSU fans.

That meant that Uncle Bobby seized the opportunity to use an extra Vandy ticket and go to the game with Uncle Bill and me.

Joshi and Aunt Aly also came.

Oddly enough, Aunt Aly's grandmother lives just about 30 miles or so from where we live. So, they got to go and spend time with her grandmother.

Reed and Joshi spent a little time playing together and having fun.

Reed stayed with Miss Alyssa last night while we went to the game. Unfortunately, I started feeling really bad and had to leave the game before halftime. I left Uncle Bobby and Uncle Bill to finish cheering on their respective teams. In the end, MSU won.

We decided not to spread our icky germs at church today, so Reed and I have been hanging out. Abbey is headed home from Washington where she taught conferences this weekend.

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