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Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear Son: We Think You Took Some Other Kids' Imaginations

Reed has definitely exploded in vocabulary and in imagination. He says the funniest things, like today when he was trying to get out of getting dressed and he looked at me and said "I wanna run around nekkid a few minutes."

Or the other day, when he got the baby wipe and held it in front of his face and said to Abbey and I: "Hey everybody, where did I go?"

His imagination is equally as colorful. Just give him a bowl, a spoon, and some water and he can whip you up a batch of eggs in no time.

The other day Abbey asked Reed what he was thinking. His response was simple, direct, and yet evasive at the same time: "Seven o'clock."

In the picture above, Reed decided that his Mini Elmo See and Spin needed batteries although it was working perfectly.

And, then there are his sungwasses, which he rarely closely to have the tinted part covering his eyes. Notice his choice of shoes.

If you are not blessed enough to be around Reed on a daily basis, you really miss a treat. He keeps you on your toes, like tonight when he continually asked where we were going, and I continually told him that we were going to the hospital to pick up something for Manya's kidney stone issue.
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