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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Look What Target Gave Us!

Reed spent the day at Mother's Day Out and then he hung out with his mom for a while. Then, Reed and I hung out a little while when Abbey was getting her haircut. Finally, we all headed to Chick-fil-A for our normal Tuesday night dinner. Can you believe that we have lived in Tennessee nearly 5 years and we are still doing the CFA thing? You gotta love church bulletin night.

After supper, we headed over to Target where I had some coupons burning a hole in my coupon envelope.

Here's what I got:

5 Buckets of Edy's Ice Cream
16 String Cheeses
8 Johnson Buddies Soaps
3 Dove Deoderants
1 Fruit Snacks

Before Coupons: 68.00
After Coupons: 3.60

But wait, did I mention that I got a $5.00 giftcard for buying 5 buckets of ice cream? Yeah, that's right, do the math. I made $1.40 on this trip to CVS on top of all the stuff I got!

Click on the picture above to watch the "String Cheese Dance."
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