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Friday, September 04, 2009

Vaca Days 1 and 2

Our vacation started with a bang yesterday around 1:15ish when Uncle Bill took dropped us off at the Theater. We went to TPAC to see Wicked! It was AWESOME! So, very incredible!

We bought the tickets for our anniversary gift to each other and we saved our anniversary gift money and treated ourselves to dinner at "The Melting Pot." We had a fabulous date and were so thankful that Many was willing to keep Reed for us.

This morning at 5:00 AM, we left to go to the beach. Mr. Roy and Mrs. Linda have started a tradition of taking us to the beach every fall as a family. This year, even Uncle Brookie was able to join us. So, we have Pop, Lola, Reed, Uncle Brookie, Aunt Ava, Abbey, and me all together at the beach. We have a great condo which is almost identical to last year's. We are in the same building, but this year, we're on the 11th floor. This year we booked through VRBO which is much more affordable. The condo is great, 3 bedrooms and 3 baths! How great!

The drive down was uneventful. The past two times we've driven down, we've had people with us. This time it was just Reed, Abbey, and myself. Because we left so early, it seemed like it took forever!

Reed was really quiet when he first saw Aunt Ava and Uncle Bookah. It was kind of funny, because he's not really ever quiet.

Reed's main complaint about the condo is that the light switches are too high and he has trouble reaching them.

But, I helped him come up with a plan to get things accomplished. Because you know, if there are ceiling fans in a home, Reed has made it his personal mission to make sure that they go on and off, MANY, MANY MANY times a day!

So, a few stacked pillows seem to work the trick and Reed was ready for business.

We're expecting okay weather while we are here. I am expecting mornings sunning on the beach, naps in the afternoon, good seafood and quality time with family. We should have a great time!

I know that Reed will. He loves the beach.
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