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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Beach Vacation Day 3

This morning, Lola and Ava fixed pancakes for breakfast. They were really yummy and they hardly had any trouble cooking them at all. ;-)

Reed loves pancakes!

After breakfast Reed wanted to be a little silly.

Then, he quietly reflected on God's wonderful creation of the beach and ocean!

"I'm ready to go to the beach!"

Reed didn't really care to get in the Gulf, but he did really enjoy the sand!

Some men from a local church came walking by carrying crosses and inviting the beachgoers to church tomorrow.

Since Lola didn't get in the Gulf, Reed was sticking close to her.

I think he saw some kid with a toy he wanted!

He obviously was seeing one of the following: a plane, a parasailer, or a kite.

He liked looking for "frabs".

And, unfortunately, throwing sand!

He and Pop threw a plastic sand toy around and had a lot of fun.

Look who we saw on the beach! Reed's only cousin, Joshi!

And Uncle Bobby! They happened to plan their beach trip for the same weekend. They know some people who have a condo across the street from the condo that we are staying in.

Abbey got to hold Joshi and Reed. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of Aunt Aly (in the pink in the background).

Tonight, we at the Original Oyster House. Aunt Ava helped Reed get dressed in his Mississippi State outfit to cheer on his team.

Uncle Brookie and Aunt Ava posed for a picture in the elevator.

Reed had trouble deciding on what he wanted to eat.

He decided to ask Pop for his advice.

Finally he settled on the popcorn shrimp, which to our amazement, he liked. Reed, the boy who normally thinks meat is better left alive, actually ate quite a few shrimp. Yeah, now I have a fellow shrimp eater in my house!

You would really not believe what that girl was wearing!

We had a 40 minute wait for our table, but it was worth it!

I think that Pop and Lola are having a good time.

On the agenda tomorrow: water, sand, food, and naps! Sounds like vacation to me!
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