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Friday, August 29, 2014

Will's Fourth Birthday

The first major get-together at our new house was Will's Fourth birthday. Abbey kept putting off planning his birthday because she really wanted it to be at our new house. I had told her early on that she needed to give that dream up, because there was no way we would sell our house in time. In fact, it sold in 3 weeks.

Abbey planned a very special "Curious George" birthday for Curious George's human equivalent, our own Will!

All three of Will's girlfriends were at the birthday party. Allie, Paityn, and of course, his Mama.

The kids enjoyed jumping on the bounce house and eating lots of hot dogs and hamburgers.

Will loves his friend Wyatt. He doesn't understand that Wyatt is a first grader.

Abbey did a fantabulous job decorating like always.

Abbey also made a delicious key lime "Man with the Yellow Hat" cake.

Will was thrilled to get his very own copy FROZEN! We were not as thrilled as he was. I think that Tuck says "Let It Go" in his sleep!

Will really wanted a pinata at his birthday. Mr. Brian got Will a "minecraft sword" and Will used it to hit the pinata.

I think that we had to end up calling in Cate to help us break the pinata, but it was a lot of fun.

Abbey also made a chocolate "Curious George" cake. I'm sure it was delicious, but I chose to focus my caloric intake on the key lime cake.

Will LOVES Brian! LOVES him. HE was so thrilled Brian came. How many high school juniors would willingly come to a four-year-olds birthday?

Tuck thought the bounce house was super fun.

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