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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Big Bugs

Abbey, Reed, Nash, Will, and Tuck joined Caitlin, Wyatt, and Aly on a trip to Cheekwood's Big Bugs exhibits.

An artist created giant bugs that were placed all over Cheekwood's beautiful gardens.

The boys loved climbing the walls and enjoying God's creation.

The exhibit had some interactive bugs that the boys loved playing on.

They also enjoyed the snacks that Abbey remembered to pack!

The bugs were really neat.

Ever the gymnast, Nash enjoyed climbing on everything in sight.

Will enjoyed the bug slide.

I think that all of the kids enjoyed hanging out with each other.

We really love living in an area where there are so many unique opportunities. It's so funny our boys just think it is normal to have exhibits and museums and zoos right around the corner. Abbey and I definitely didn't grow up that way. It was a major deal when we would go to one of the aforementioned as kids.

The giant beehive was a neat attraction that kids enjoyed.

Tuck enjoyed almost everything.

The giant spider was scary!

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