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Friday, August 29, 2014

Nash's Kindergarten Graduation

It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that we were at Reed's kindergarten graduation and all of a sudden we found ourselves at Nash's.

Nash did such a great job during his class' performance. He is an amazing kiddo.

Nash got the aware for "Amazing Creativity". We love that Nash is so creative. He is definitely an artist and loves to build and paint things.

Nash was a little tired after all of the performances, so he needed a break at the fellowship in his classroom.

The kids were all so excited to be at Kindergarten Graduation.

One of the worst parts of moving was knowing that we would have to change the boys' schools. We really hated the idea of leaving Mrs. Sarah. I cannot tell you how much she means to our family. She absolutely had everything to do with the fact that Reed and Nash had amazing first years' of school. She is a wonderful, wonderful person and any child who is blessed enough to get in her class is in for a real treat. She truly loves our boys.

Uncle Bill told Reed all about how he had been at his graduation last year.

Nash's best little class friend Quinton is a sweet kid. I think that Nash misses him at his new school.

We are SOOO proud of Nash. He did great in kindergarten and his amazing dimples continue to steal our hearts.

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