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Friday, August 29, 2014

Uncle Bill's Beach House 2014

One week after we moved into our new house, we headed to the beach. It was a great time to relax after we had been through a stressful few weeks of moving.

This year we tried out a different condo complex instead of going back to the beach house where we had stayed. We realized that the boys really did better with a pool and also realized that the condo stays cleaner when there is a pool to rinse off in.

We liked the condo, but it was definitely different from what we were used to. No real difficulties to speak of (until we checked out and the owner of the condo wasn't very kind!). But, the boys had a blast. 

I guess the cold winter took its toll on the water because it was super cold. The boys didn't mind. I, however, did! The adults on the trip didn't get in the water much.

This year, in addition to Candace and Uncle Bill, we brought along Kelsie. It was great to have extra hands to help watch the boys.

The boys had a blast. They definitely liked the pool, but enjoyed the sand as well.

Because we now have two kiddos in "grade school" we have decided to push the beach vacay for next year back to the last week of "spring condo rates" (AKA - rates we can afford). We are going back to the place where it all started and have decided to rent two condos in the same complex. It's a little older, but has amazing pools and a great beach. I'm hoping the weather (and the water) is a little warmer.

We just love the beach and we are glad that our boys love it too.

The highlight of this year's trip was a plethora of starfish. The boys loved finding them and we had the grand idea that we would save them and dry them. Well, after a couple of days of having them out on the patio, I thought I might lose my lunch. Needless to say, the starfish stayed at the beach!

I don't know for sure, but I don't think that the boys ever asked about the starfish once we got home.

One of the low points of the trip was that on the very first day of the beach trip, our Canon Rebel rebelled. It went kaput. I still need to get it to the camera doctor. Thankfully, we had Candace's camera, but we forgot to take all of the pictures that we normally take like ... a family beach pic.

So, our annual picture at the Purple Octopus has to do!

Tuck enjoyed the endless supply of snacks.

The boys enjoyed our traditional lunch at Lamberts.

We all enjoyed time together savoring God's creation.

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