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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Honey We Got a Dog

The boys were really excited for us to move to our new house. We had promised them for a while that we would have a dog when we moved. I don't know why we promised such outlandish things. Anyway, at some point, it came up that we told the boys that we would get a dog in July.

Well, we knew that we wanted to adopt a dog that was already trained and we didn't want a pure-breed. We had always thought that we would adopt a big dog like a lab, but our new house didn't have a fence and we really like the openness of not having a fence. So, we decided on a small dog.

We got on the Website for "Death Row Dogs" and we found a dachsund/beagle mix. She lived with inmates for 14 weeks while she was trained to do tricks, live in a crate, and not have accidents.

On July 15, we got Sadie. Abbey and I went to the medium security correctional facility and met the inmates that had trained them. She is a really sweet dog and the boys love her.

The first few days were a breeze, but the next week her "protective" side came out and she started hating anyone not in our family. It took a while and a shock collar, but we have taught her how to be nice to other people outside our family.

She's finding her place in our house and our hearts.
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