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Friday, October 18, 2013

Tuck's Little 2nd Birthday Party

Tuck's party was back in April when we had our other boys birthday party st the zoo. But we could just let his real birthday come and go without a little get together. Even so, we still had the party two weeks early.

We had lots of good food. Zaxby's chicken tenders, corn, green beans, Mac n cheese, and deviled eggs. Of course, Abbey made an incredibly cute and tasty train cake.

Tuck was not thrilled with his super cute shirt that aunt Ava made him because he is not used to wearing long sleeves.

Tuck had fun dancing around and sharing in the excitement. It was a lot of fun.

Reed, Nash, and Will also loved the festivities.

Tuck gives amazing hugs, so Uncle Bill for him an Elmo that gives hugs.

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