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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Hats, Gloves, and Pumpkins (both literally and figuratively)

The other day was hat day at school. Reed wore a shark hat and Nash rocked a skull cap. I'm telling you, when Nash wears a hat, he takes cute to a whole new level. You just want to squeeze him. Reed was so cute in his hat with his funny facial expressions.

Will decided that it was glove day as well. Even though the weather is certainly not cool enough for gloves, you really never know what is going on in Will's little mind.

Abbey and Michelle went to our favorite pumpkin place to pick out pumpkins for our porch. We love this place because they have such great selection of different pumpkins and gourds.

Abbey bought 7 pumpkins (1 isn't pictured) and lots of mini ones.

Nash was still wearing his super cute hat in the afternoon and fleece pullover. My island boys think that fall is synonymous with 5 degrees below zero.

Tuck also enjoyed some time looking cute. Tuck give great hugs and is super loving ... If he likes you. If not, just stay back. :-)

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