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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Lola Came for Gandparents' Day at School

Last week was grandparents day at school. Lola drove in from Memphis so she could go with the boys. Nash was super excited to have Lola in his class and to have her eat lunch with him. Lola even helped Mrs. Sarah out for a little while.

Abbey fixed Lola a lunch since Lola learned last year that she didn't like school lunches from the cafeteria. Lola said that Abbey even included a special note to her mom.

Reed was also excited to have Lola eat lunch with him. I don't think I've ever seen Reed smile like he did in this picture, but it is cute!

Tuck didn't want to hear anything about grandparents day because they didn't have it at Mother's Day Out.

When Will found out that Lola was at Reed and Nash's school, he wasn't too happy either. Good thing Lola always takes them to sonic after school when she is in town. That makes up for everything.
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