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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cupcakes with Mama

The boys have been super busy being very silly. They love cooking with Mama. A few weeks back, they made some yummy Oreo cupcakes.

Will helped put all of the cupcake liners in. He did a very good job at making sure every cup had a liner in.

Nash also got in on the cupcake liner action. Nash is very good at quality control. He wants to make sure that everyone does everything right all the time.

Nash helped mix the batter.

Nash made sure that every cupcake has an Oreo in each liner. It is imperative that you get this part of the recipe correct or it will not be an Oreo cupcake.

Reluctantly, Nash let Will put a few Oreos in. Will is three, so Nash wasn't sure if Will would get it right. He kept a close eye on him.

Sensing there was a possible mess to be made, Reed put down whatever electronic device he was holding to help scoop the batter on top of the perfectly placed Oreos. Yummy. Those cupcakes were delicious.
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