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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A Busy Week

The boys had two days off from school and so Abbey made good use of the beautiful weather and took them to the zoo. I think that they had a blast because Will is still talking about the kangaroos. The Nashville zoo just added an interactive kangaroo exhibit where you can pet the 'Roos.

Our faithful friend, Mae Mae went along with Abbey and the boys to help out. She is so good with the boys and they love her. It is helpful to have an extra set of hands when you are out with our rowdy boys.

Nash loves the zoo. He especially loves the monkeys. He also likes to talk about when the birds poop.

I had a very minor fender bender in which it did $3000 worth of damage to the car I paid $4000 for. Although I thought they should have totaled it, they fixed it. This is my rental truck. The boys thought they were bad news for the week that I was driving the gas guzzling silverado. They loved it.
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