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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Santa Train Ride

This week has been so busy! Sunday, Abbey had all of the children's leaders from church over for an open house. Monday, we had my team over for brunch. Thursday, we had the staff Christmas party at Catfish House (and the kids were at our house). Friday, we had our Sunday School party and it was so much fun (and at our house!) Finally, this morning, we took the boys to the Santa Train Ride. The Davidsons, the Harrells, and the Wisemans also went on the train ride. Will and Mr. Ernie had a serious moment. Caleb was jealous that our boys always got to dress the same, so we got him a matching shirt! The boys had a blast together. Caleb had fun getting to be the "only child" for the trip. Will entertained our section of the car. The train ride lasted about 2.5 hours. It was fun, but we didn't really care for our "car host" very much. He wasn't really friendly. Silly Tom Tom! Reed had a great time on the train. The boys got to talk to Santa. Nash was not impressed. Chloe and Tom Tom saw Santa. Caleb had a big list for Santa. We had a good time. Now, time to rest.
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