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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas at Pop and Lola's House

We left our house early yesterday morning to head to Pop and Lola's house in Memphis. The boys were really excited to get to Pop and Lola's house. They love the dogs and the cat and the baseball bats!

Nearly as soon as we got to Memphis, the boys were ready to go outside. Last time we were here, Lola had purchased a marshmallow shooter, so that is what Nash wanted to play. Reed wanted to play baseball.

After Aunt Ava, Uncle Brookie, and baby Brooks arrived it was time for us to open presents. The boys were really really excited to see what all they got. They got Mobigos (which Reed is currently calling a DS), big wheels (which the boys are currently calling tricycles), and hot wheels and race tracks. They are going to have a blast with all of that.

We are hoping that the Mobigos will be a source of entertainment in the car and perhaps give our iPhones a little downtime from playing constantly.

Too cool for Christmas in his spy glasses.

I used to have a big wheel. I loved that thing. I even busted the back of my head open one time riding on the back of it and had to get stitchs.

Merry Christmas to all!
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