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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Nashville Christmas Parade

Last night, we headed to the Nashville Christmas Parade. It was great as usual. Our boys loved it! Will thought that it was so great. My dad came to town this week and we had a blast spending time with him. Unfortunately, we didn't get a single picture of him with the boys! I can't believe how bad we have gotten at carrying our camera. I really think that I have come to rely on my phone camera more than the real camera. Reed, our resident expert in Land family traditions, immediately asked if we were going to get "cotton candy" at the parade. Thankfully, yes, I had some cash, and we got cotton candy. Uncle Bill shook the mayor's hand. We saw the most decorated garbage truck ever. As always, the Shriner's were out in FULL force. Apparently they love the Nashville Christmas parade. We have Shriner's who are clowns, who ride in the motorcycle group, the trick motorcycles, the golf cart stunts, the mini-truck drivers, the dune buggy drivers, the horseback riders, and just the REALLY old men who ride in the trailers. Will LOVED the parade. We had a great time and then this morning Abbey was getting ready to take Reed to a Christmas brunch at his preschool teacher's home and realized that her wallet was missing. We looked and looked for it and then called to put the cards on hold. We found out that apparently the wallet had been stolen because someone tried using it at three gas stations, but they were never able to. So, we ended up staying here to cancel all of her cards. Reed wanted to know why people did that, and we told him that they were bad guys. He asked why they were bad, and we told him sin. Oddly enough, he didn't ask why they sinned. The most humorous part of the parade was when they had to carry the Rudolph balloon sideways for a while because he was too tall to go under the street lights. It was pretty funny. I loved the balloons. After Santa came, Reed wanted to know if he was coming to our house that night. He was a little disappointed when we told him "no." Tomorrow Abbey is hosting the children's ministry leaders from church for an Open House, Monday, I'm having my team over, and Friday, we are having our Sunday School class over. Busy week!
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