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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Is Coming Soon!

The boys are out of preschool for Christmas now. Before they got out, it was time for a fun Christmas party at school.

Reed and Britton are getting so big. They are learning to pose for pictures. So funny, their poses don't look really comfortable or natural do they?

They made crafts at their party.

Once again, Reed's pose! Hilarious! He actually is quite the model. Check him out on the cover of this quarter's preschool Sunday School curriculum. Isn't he adorable?
Of course, by the time we get a more natural pic of Reed, we get Nash not looking at the camera.
Nash has become quite the color sorter. He loves putting like colors together.
Will enjoyed being at the party. He is quite the ladies' man. He likes to make his rounds blowing kisses, showing everyone how he can dance, touch his head, clap, and jump (which doesn't mean he actually gets airborne).

Guess who is scared of Santa? Tonight we saw Santa tonight at Chickfila and Nash didn't cry.
Nash's teacher is Mrs. Candy. We love her! She is great. She taught Reed so much last year.

Will can spot candy from a mile away.

The boys visited the Christmas tattoo parlor. Their skin loves those tattoos. It takes forever for them to wear off.

Sweet Nash. He LOVES tattoos.

Last night the boys sang with the preschool choir in church. Unfortunately Abbey and I both came down with a stomach bug. Abbey is much stronger than I am, so she made it to the performance. I had to watch a video.

They look absolutely thrilled don't they?

I. Love. That. Boy.

When my dad was here a few weeks ago he brought a few clothes from a friend of my mom's. How great was it that the cardigan he brought matched Nash's Christmas shirt perfectly.

Caleb has joined the boys in their quest to dress alike as much as possible. We are thinking of making him an honorary Asian.

I hate that I missed their performance. My boys love to sing and I am sure they did a great job. Santa is coming to our house on Thursday night. Breathe! He is just coming to our house. Not everyone else's. We just do Santa early since we have to travel at Christmas. They boys are going to be so excited to see what they get.
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