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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas at Enna and Poppy's House

Yesterday, we drove from Memphis to Jackson, MS to my parent's house. The boys were constantly asking if we were there yet. Well, to be completely honest that would be Reed asked about every 2 minutes or so. We made it almost to Jackson before we had to stop! We stopped in Canton for Reed and Nash to have a potty break. When we got here, Joshi, Uncle Bobby, and Aunt Aly were already at Enna and Poppy's house.

So, the boys were so excited about getting to open presents. Every year, Reed has progressively gotten more excited about Christmas. Nash was still timid about Christmas this year and was perfectly content opening 1 gift. He got into it though eventually. Enna and Poppy got the presents we suggested. We were so excited about the "piano" from the movie "BIG". Well, it was a bust! It was not the quality or size that the photo in the catalog made it look like. Plus, I HATE TOYS R US! Anyway, we talked about it and we took it back and got the boys a couple of Wii games and some Mobigo carrying cases. And yes, in case any of you see our boys, they are calling their Mobigos "DSs", so please don't burst their bubbles just yet!

My sister-in-law made these cute hangers for the boys coats, and things. I think we will put them in their rooms and let them hang their towels and stuff on them. We just love them. Today, we took it easy and attempted to go eat Chinese, but it was closed. Then we came home and watched the Dolphin Tale and "napped". Tonight, Abbey and I had dinner with Trae and Shawna and then we went to Target. We weren't really impressed with their Christmas leftovers so we left without buying anything. That's the difference between prechildren Jeff and Abbey and post children. Prechildren would have had a cart full of stuff that we would never use!
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