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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Pumpkin Place

Yesterday at church Abbey found out about a new place to buy pumpkins not far from her house. She loves fall and the decorations that come with it, so I knew that we would be making a trip to the farmer's market for some pumpkins soon.

As soon as I got home today, she told me about this new place not far from our house. We decided to load up and drive over. It's at this older couple's home. A big pumpkin patch and about 7 trailers loaded with all different kinds of pumpkins.

The boys had an absolute blast picking out pumpkins. Of course, they wanted every single one of them, but I am a little more picky. I just loved the variety and all of the ones that they had.

And their prices were incredible. The biggest pumpkin that we bought was $4.00 and most of them were either $2 or $1. That's way less than the farmer's market.

The boys each picked out their own little pumpkins. It's funny, but the pumpkins are the same size in relation to the boys. Reed's is biggest, Nash is medium, and Will is the little one.

This got us very excited about Miss Candace's annual pumpkin carving party. Well, I don't get excited about carving a pumpkin. I get excited about being with my friends. I don't touch pumpkin guts.

Abbey noticed a huge white pumpkin with Nana and Putty Sprinkles' name on it. She decided to call and ask them if they wanted her to bring it. When she called, she found out that they were on their way to pick it up. Yesterday, they discovered the pumpkin place, but they were in their Miata, so the pumpkin wouldn't fit.

The boys were excited to see them. We don't see them nearly enough anymore. Life is soo busy, and they have three grandchildren of their own these days.

Reed and Nash enjoyed running around the pumpkins and Will enjoyed climbing. That's what Will enjoys ... climbing ... everything.

I'm so excited that Reed and Nash have each other as best little friends. Of course, they are not lacking in the best friend department, but it's so good that they can hang out together. I hope that Will and Tuck will be the same. There is 13 months difference between Reed and Nash. There will be 17 months difference between Will and Tuck. (Mental note: breathe! Doing that kind of math can be scary!)

Nash wanted to take them all home. If Manya's wedding had been a couple of weeks later, I think I would have used the pumpkins as containers for the topiaries.

The cover of either Southern Living or Martha Stewart this month has a beautiful fall door with pumpkins and flowering cabbages. I would love to do that with ours, but finding flowering cabbage around here isn't easy. I think we will end up with mums.
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