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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Review

Thursday afternoon, we went to gymnastics with the boys.

This week, the boys worked on their flips.

I am not sure who has more fun, Reed or Nash.

The boys did flips all the way down the mat.

Reed certainly loved the flips.

Nash enjoyed them so much he forgot to stop.

Friday the boys decided that they would make Cheese Quesadillas for lunch.

It was fun to watch the cheese melt.

Our boys LOVE cheese. All three of them!

Will sat back and supervised the cooking.

The boys had shredded cheese for an appetizer.

Then they enjoyed their quesadillas and mandarin oranges.

Saturday was the first Saturday of the month, so I headed to Goodwill for half-off day. Abbey and the boys went to the park.

It was HOT!!!!

Will made funny faces because he was trying to be cool since the weather was so insane.

Reed joined in the funny face-making.

Nash cooled off with lemonade.

Sunday after church we went to Uncle Bill's house. We spent the night with him and then went to the mall on Labor Day.

It was pouring down rain and the hot weather finally gave way for cool weather.

The boys got some new shoes at the mall. The mall was INSANE!

We came home and it was time for a nap, so Will, Nash, and I went to naptime. Jane came and Manya, Candace, Abbey, and Uncle Bill worked on the programs for Jane's wedding this Saturday.

Uncle Bill BBQ'd chicken and it was really yummy. We decided to just spend the night again at Uncle Bill's. We've found that staying overnight at someone else's house will help keep our own house clean longer!

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