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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Family Day, Will!

Dear Will Will,

You are growing up so quickly! I can barely believe that you have been home with us a year. It seems like only yesterday we heard that you were born and then we were on a plane to pick you up.

You are so sweet and cuddly. Even this afternoon, you and I took a nap together and I savored the closeness I had to you and the smell of your hair. You amaze me with your tenacity and ability to try new things. You have no idea that you are only one and you are pretty sure you can do anything your brothers do.

I love how happy you are. I love that you light up when you see me. I love that you say "dada". I love that you are fast and I love that you give me wet, slobbery kisses. I love you so much!

You are so loved and you are such a blessing to us! We love that you love us! Will, you are a precious gift of God and you are a miracle. We love you.

Love, Daddy

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