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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Family Day, Nash!

My Dear Son Nash,

It's been a year since the photo above was taken. I'll never forget that first meeting. It scared me to death! I didn't know what you would think of us. I prayed you would love us. You were so shy and timid. You weren't sure if you wanted to be near us. Little by little, you opened up and you played cars with me.

Nash, this past year has had so many changes for you. The language you heard for two and a half years of life you rarely hear. English has now become your own. You have such a sweet voice and I love to hear your words.

You have come to love your brother Reed as your best friend and comrade. You take amazing care of your little brother Will. And your squeal of delight when you see Mommy or Daddy and the sweet kiss you give us is amazing. However, I must say that my favorite thing has been your random, unsolicited, and often statements of "Daddy, I love you." Rarely are sweeter words ever spoken.

It took us 2.5 years to find you. I often try to remember those times because it seems unreal that you haven't been with us from the beginning. Nash, no matter what, no matter when, you must always know, we LOVE you, we LOVE you, we LOVE you. You are our son. God's precious gift. We are so thankful God entrusted you to us.

Love, Daddy

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