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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Family Day, Reed!

Dear Reed,

Four years ago today, you came into our lives and we have never been the same. You taught us the amazing joy it is to be parents. You gave us the confidence to adopt your brothers. You are constantly teaching me how to be a better Daddy.

Reed, in the past year, we've watched your spiritual awareness blossom and we love watching how God is working in your life. We've seen you learn how to be a big brother and how you can take care of your siblings. We've loved to watch you and Nash become best friends and we've loved being able to see you take care of Will.

My dear son, I can't describe how much I love you. You must never forget that we love you incredibly and our life is better because you are in it.

You are so loved. We are so blessed.

Love, Daddy
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