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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

This super cute little guy has been waking up too early every morning this week! We'd really love it if he would sleep a little bit more!

Thankfully, he is happy when he wakes up for the most part. And, he's adorable.

Sir Nash is almost always adorable, as well, except when he lets out one of his really high-pitched cries, which thankfully are few and far between.

His smile will melt your heart though. I don't think that I can adequately describe how absolutely beautiful his smile is. It brightens the darkest room.

He is really picking up English quite well. He seems to understand more than he says. Thankfully, he has a big brother who LOVES to speak for him.

Reed and Nash love to play together. They play really well, except when Nash finds a toy that Reed has not played with in ages, and then all of a sudden it is Reed's favorite toy.

Ultimately, Reed loves his brother, and Nash loves his brother very much. They are also very affectionate to Will.

Nash likes to be silly and he spends a good bit of time trying to make us laugh.

Apparently there is a universal language for boys, called "Trains." Our kids love their trains.


Reed is really loving going to preschool and he is doing really well. Hopefully, he is obeying his teacher better than he is obeying us!

Tonight, Abbey and Will had some fun with the camera.

He is so sweet.

This week is so busy! I think that we need a few more hours everyday.

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