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Friday, November 05, 2010

All About Will

The first couple of years of LandLife were more of just a chronicle of my thoughts about life with a few posts here and there from Abbey.

Then it became consumed with information about us and our adoption process.

Quickly, it moved to being ALL about Reed and that's just the way it was for a little over three years.

Now, there's two more ultra special little boys in our lives and hearts, so the blog that used be wholly consumed by one cute little guy is shared with three.

It's literally a miracle that this blog doesn't explode due to the cuteness factor.

Anyway, this post is only pictures of Will. It's his turn in spotlight (plus they were the only pictures on the camera.). If we can get Nash to stand still long enough, we'll get a bunch of shots of him and do a "just Nash" post.

Will had his 6 month check up yesterday and had to get lots of immunizations. The poor little guy did not feel great for the rest of the day and night. We kept giving him tylenol to help him feel better hopefully.

Will's weight is in the 90 percentile of American babies, which just blows my mind, until I pick him up and I'm remind that he's 20 full pounds of solid lovin'.

Will is super sweet, extremely cuddly, and smells just like the sweetest bit of baby you could ever want. I just absolutely love all of my boys. They are such a blessing.

The other day, Mary Beth Chapman (wife of Steven Curtis Chapman) spoke in Chapel at work. She talked about the fact that they had three children naturally and three children supernaturally.

I can't tell you how thankful we are that God chose to give us supernatural children. Our boys, Reed, Nash, and Will, are each miracles. Reed's love and articulation are amazing. Nash's sweet spirit, cute dimples, and melt-your-heart smile will almost blow you away at times. Will's soft voice and cuddly disposition just make you want to snuggle all day.

I hope you can read the verse on the back of his shirt, if not, here it is:

God saw all that He had made, and it was very good. Genesis 1:31

Yes, our boys are very good, as with everything God has made, but I think we're most thankful for our sweet little guys.

Before I sign off, I need to send a special note to our Hannah's Hope friends who read the blog daily. We love you! Thank you for taking care of Nash and Will. Reed is so thankful for his brothers. Nash is the first person he asks for when he wakes up and the last person he talks to before going to bed. We love you. Thank you for doing God's work. Will also sends a special smile and hug for Mei Mei his special mother who took care of him from birth.
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