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Thursday, November 18, 2010

It Once Was Lost ... But Now Is Found

Great news. Well, at least it's great news for us. Lola found our camera. Well, she found the most recent of the two lost cameras.

Here are some pictures that would have been on our blog last month when we lost the camera. It was on the cereal shelf in our pantry.

We have to get back on the picture taking ball. It seems that we have gotten really bad about taking pictures over the past week. We've also been uber busy, so that really could account for a lot of the issue.

Will has has a bit of a cold that he can't seem to shake. I'm sure that it is exacerbated by the constantly changing weather.

The other night we went to our normal Tuesday night outing to Chickfila and were happy to have Lori and Mary Catherine join us. They are fun company.

Will Giggles from Jeff Land on Vimeo.

Since you all have been so patient in waiting for new posts, I decided to give you several poor quality videos. We need to get an HD camera like the one we borrowed while we were in Taiwan.

The boys from Jeff Land on Vimeo.

I will try to be better at posting since we have found the camera.

The boys from Jeff Land on Vimeo.

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