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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

All About Nash

Just look at it, doesn't it melt your heart? Nash's smile is one of the most beautiful sites I think I've ever beheld. He has beautiful white teeth, a create arch on his lips, but most of all, it's the dimples!

Nash is a loving little boy! He's amazing. He is very smart and is learning a LOT from his big brother. Some of those things, we probably could do without Reed teaching. Nonetheless, it's good that they have each other, because they REALLY love each other ... A LOT.

If Nash isn't around, Reed is usually looking for him and vice versa. They are quite funny to watch play. Of course, they have tiffs, but they are brothers and I expect that they will have tiffs for pretty much the next 18 years minimum.

Nash has adjusted so well to being in our family. I think that he has certainly developed a lot of comfort with being secure in our home. When we first brought him home, he cried out a lot in the night as if he was having nightmares. He hardly ever does that anymore.

He values his sleep, unlike Reed who could care less about sleep. Nash finds it nearly impossible to stay awake in the car if Reed isn't in there with him. He is also the only one of our three who will take a good nap.

He has GREAT manners. He is really good at saying "pease", "tank oo" and "skuse pease." My favorite thing that he says, however, is "lub you." It will melt your heart.

He calls us all by name:




and I get to be two names. Sometimes, I am "Baba!" and sometimes I am "Daddy!"

Reed thinks it's really funny when Nash calls me "Baba" so Reed then also calls me "Baba."

He loves playing outside and playing with the trucks and trains. That reminds me, probably his most clear words to say are "Monster Trucks." See the influence that Reed has had on him?

He loves Reed and Will so much. He always gives them hugs and kisses. He tries to comfort them when they are upset. He gets really anxious to give Will his paci when Will is crying.

He takes his cues from his big brother. Reed loves having a partner in crime.

We are so blessed.
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