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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Parade and Grinch Green

Today was our town's Christmas parade. I think that it is a little early for a Christmas parade, but for some reason, they do it every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Nash and Reed were thrilled with the parade. Now, don't go thinking that this was the be-all, end-all parade to top all parades. It was the usual, a few convertibles, 3 high school bands, a couple of hundred shriners, several church floats, and a couple of people that we're not exactly sure why they were in the parade. However, it was enough to get them excited.

Nash was completely amazed.

Nash fell asleep on the way home, so we decided to take advantage of the time and put up two Christmas trees. We decided that we wouldn't put up our 5 Christmas trees this year, because we're not sure how the boys will be around them. Our guess is that it won't be pretty.

The cross tree went up, because it is our favorite.

We got to have a deep conversation with Reed about crosses as we decorated the tree. He has some interesting questions about God's plan for salvation from sin. We asked him if he has every done anything bad, and he said that he had and so had Britton. We took that time to remind him that he is responsible for his actions, not anyone else's.

We also put up our bedroom tree. Sorry the picture above isn't good, but for some reason that is the only picture I took.

Tonight we went to Wal-Mart and got some stuff for the boys to make some ornaments. One of those things was green paint.

Abbey was on the phone in the living room. I went upstairs for 30 seconds or less, and when I came downstairs, this is what I found.

Green paint all over my little boys.

So let me introduce you to the kids Abbey and I have dubbed Double (Nash) and Trouble (Reed). Double Trouble is sweet as can be when they are apart, but together they can be disaster. They have a lot of fun reeking havoc, but between the baby powder and the paint, it leaves me wondering what's next.
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