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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Potty Training Day 1

Before "reed"ing this post, I must warn you, Reed doesn't have much clothing on in the pictures. Potty training is easier with no pants!

We knew it was coming. The inevitable was bound to happen and there was really no way to avoid it. We decided that since I was off work this week, it would be a good time to start potty training. Besides, I am really tired of buying diapers.

It started off really rough! I was a little nervous. We had three accidents pretty much in a row. Our timing was off a little bit. We were on 15 minute intervals, so we adjusted down to 10 minutes. And ... yes, we timed to the minute using the microwave as the timer.

Once we got our timing right, he was peepeeing like a champ. And he has VERY little experience with the potty. We've tried to get him interested, but he just hasn't.

Before long, we were working like clockwork and he was even starting to let us know when he was ready to peepee. Our issue at this point, was he kept saying he needed to poopoo and not peepee.

We were thrilled when Reed woke up dry from his nap.

The fourth accident happened about 6:30, about 9 hours after the previous accident.

That's pretty good for day 1, I think! Plus, I think I've might lost a little weight because I have been up and down the stairs 3000 times!

Enjoy a couple of videos;

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