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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Play Ball!

We've mentioned before that we (as in Jeff and Abbey) are not the most athletic people in the world.

In contrast, our favorite little boy is quite athletic.

He runs fast, he can already throw a spiral pass with the football, loves baseball, and can make a basketball hoop with ease.

To say the weather over the past few days has been beautiful would be an understatement.

Reed loves to play some ball.

He also loves to be outside.

But he doesn't love sun in his eyes.

Notice how Reed is holding the Tee in the picture above. I told him to use both hands when batting, so he held the bat with one hand and the Tee with another.

Swing, Batter batter, Swing!

It's outta here!

Keep your eye on the ball.

Guess how far this ball went?

Playing baseball is fun and tiring.

I think that he has really good follow-thru.

I think holding his tongue out is completely nurtural. (Definition of Nurtural - its things that Abbey or I do that Reed emulates, proving, in our opinion that Nurture is stronger than Nature.)

Reed had to take care of the yard for a few minutes. You can't even imagine how badly I wish that mower was real.

Click on the picture for a video of Reed in action.
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