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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Monkeys Hanging

Yesterday, Reed and Abbey headed to the zoo to see monkeys hanging. That's what Reed immediately says as soon as you mention the word zoo.

Reed really loved the bird sanctuary yesterday. People gave him some nectar and the birds came right to his hands and ate their lunch.

Reed was also especially interested in the giraffe's yesterday.

He even asked the zookeepers what the giraffe's names were.

As always, Reed loved the snakes and spiders. I don't know why he loves snakes and spiders so much.

The play area at the zoo is always a huge hit.

Reed loves the alligator that he gets to climb on in the play area.

This was their longest trip to the zoo yet. They stayed for 2.5 hours. He had a blast.

He even got to play in the reeds. I must say that I think our Reed is the better looking reed.

But he sure makes that reed look cute.

I love that smile.
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