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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

For Thanksgiving 2014, we loaded up the van and headed over to cousin Molly's house. We decided to meet up with the Covington side of the Drake family and have a great big meal. Pop and Suzy enjoyed some sibling bonding.

 We had too much food. It was kind of insane actually. Lots of food. It was delicious.

 Tucker enjoyed getting to know all of his cousins. The boys had a blast playing with Hugh and Brady.
 We were also excited that Drake and Brooks got to come, but you had to to fight to get Brooks out of Lola's hands. She's sort of a baby hog.

 In typical fashion, the boys were all happy to have electronics to play with. Even Uncle John.

For some reason, we didn't end up with any pics of Brooks, but got some of this cutie. Love our nephew Drake.

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