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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happy Halloween 2014

This year we decided to stay home from our church's Trunk or Treat in order to test out the new neighborhood and see how the trick or treating was there. Although it isn't my favorite holiday, there's something quite alluring to our kids and love it. Reed and Nash even wanted to dress as skeletons which is definitely not our top choice.
 Luckily, our kids have some great teenage friends. Oh the irony. If only they knew that most kids don't have great teenage role models that are willing to dress up and go trick or treating with them. Jason, Brian, and Keslie all came over and went trick or treating with the boys.
 The only problem was that it WAS FREEZING cold. Reed bowed out as quickly as he could and Uncle Bill volunteered to take him back home.
 We did find out that some of our neighbors take Halloween very seriously. I mean, they gave out FULL SIZE candy bars!
 After everyone arrived back home, we had hot dogs and gave out candy. We had a ton of trick or treaters. It was a fun night!

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