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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Christmas Cruise Part 1

 For Christmas this year, we decided that we wanted to give our kids a little more than some gifts that they wouldn't remember for very long. We wanted to give them memories. We decided that the best way to do that was to take them on a special trip. So, we decided to take them on a cruise.
 It was so much fun surprising the boys with the activities that we were going to do. They never had any idea that we were going on a cruise until it was just about time to board the ship. They were excited about all of the different things. They were surprised that Uncle Bill was going with us, then they were surprised to ride in a limo, then they were surprised that Mrs. Candace was going with us, and then they were surprised that we were riding an airplane, then surprised that we were spending the night in a hotel, then surprised that Pop and Lola were going with us, and FINALLY, surprised that we were going on a cruise.
 The boys loved the fact that the cruise ship had unlimited food. They were in food heaven. The cruise ship had the best kid sized buffet.

 They also loved the water slide on the cruise. The kids pool was so much fun.
 It was a little chilly at first, so they also liked the access to all of the hot tubs.
 Our first excursion was Cozumel, Mexico. We didn't do anything but get off the ship and walk around but it was neat for the boys to experience a little bit of Mexico.
 The two Williams were happy to find their name on the front of a sailboat.
 They had fun posing next to the "gold statue" man.
 One night at dinner we had a real laugh. The boys were going to be in a parade with the kids club. However, we got a call that said "Tuck didn't want to be in the parade."

 It was fun to have Pop and Lola along with us for the Christmas cruise.

 After we boarded back on the cruise it was time to sail for our next stop, Belize.

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