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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Christmas Cruise Part 2: Belize and Honduras

One the boys' favorite spots on the cruise ship was the dino kids pool area. They loved going there. 

 Many hours were spent there each day on the cruise.
 Our second excursion was in Belize. I was a little disappointed in Belize. We have several friends who have talked about how beautiful it is, but we must not have been to the beautiful part. There wasn't a dock so we had to tender our boat in.

 After getting to the dock, we paid a man to give us a tour of the island. He was a pastor. I'm not sure if we were on an official tour, but I can tell you that we definitely saw parts of Belize that aren't traditionally seen.
 He took us to the poor parts and the rich parts and told us stories about the island. It was neat to get that information, but I'm OK if we never go back to Belize.
 The boys did have a fun time on the tender boat though. On the way back to the cruise ship we rode on the top of the tender boat and the boys had a good time with that.
 Tuck didn't fair so well in the kids club. We dropped him off, but we almost always got a call. I think it was because he was such a young three year old.
 Most nights we would feed the boys from the buffet and then we would all go to the nicer meal. Most nights, we ended up bringing Tuck!

 We cruised on the Norwegian Dawn. It was a smaller ship than the Carnival ships that we saw, but for me it was plenty big!

Miss Candace enjoyed shopping at every port!
 Our next stop was Honduras. I really liked Honduras. The water was clear and we also went ziplining. It was a lot of fun.
 The zipline guides has a lot of fun with the boys.
 I thought that Reed would be too shy to go because he is very cautious, but he went and he had a fun time. Of course Nash and Will went with full gusto.

 The ziplining was fun and after we finished our guide took us to a beach in Honduras. I was less than impressed with the beach in Honduras. It was crowded and also there were people all over the place trying to sell us stuff.

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