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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Cruise Part 4: Costa Maya and New Orleans

Our fourth port was by far our favorite. We absolutely loved our time in Costa Maya. We went to Maya Chan Beach Resort. It was totally relaxing and absolutely amazing. Pop kayaked with the boys and they had a blast.

Because our group was so large we got two cabanas. Each cabana had beach chairs, hammocks, and back beds. It was amazing.

A full authentic Mexican lunch was served complete with homemade tortillas and fresh guacamole. It was absolutely amazing.

The view that we had was beautiful and serene. There were even floating chairs and the waitstaff would walk out to your chair and ask you what you needed. 

One of our favorite aspects was that there was wifi for the entire beach area, so we all were able to catch up on our social media and see what was happening in the world .

Our last day was a travel day, so we stayed on the boat and monkeyed around. The cruise was amazing and the boys definitely want to go back again. They loved everything about the cruise, except maybe for the lack of wifi. 

Our flights were much better if we spent an extra day in New Orleans, so we lived it up. We went to the French Quarter and enjoyed beignets at Cafe' Du Monde and then had some delicious cajun food.

It was very interesting to explore some of the culture of the area. We enjoyed looking at art done by the local artisans.
I would say this was one of the best trips ever!

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