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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Will-A-Versary - 4 Years

Four years ago today, we were blessed doubly. Not only did we get our sweet Nash, but also our baby Will. Will was definitely the chunky monkey that we expected. Every picture of this little guy showed us the sweetest little round cheeks and legs. He definitely was well-fed and cared for by his Nanny. He was only 4.5 months old, but it seemed like we had waited forever to hold him.

Will and Abbey had an instant connection since they share a birthday and that connection has continued to grow for the past four years. You have never met a boy who loves his mama more than Will loves his mama. Thankfully though, Will has a HUGE heart and there is plenty of love for everyone-- and I do mean everyone. Will loves people. He loves his parents, his brothers, his grandparents, his Uncle Bill, his teachers, his church leaders, his friends, his toys, the insects, the garbage collector, the cashier at Wal-Mart, the police men, he loves everyone.

Will keeps the world laughing with his silly antics and phrases. He loves a good bag and a hat. He will do almost anything for a laugh and gets excited about the smallest of details.

 Dear Will,

I am so proud to be your Daddy. I love the way that you love life. I love the fact that you wear Rainboots on a sunny day and gloves on the hottest of days. I love that you change clothes 15 times a day and never once worry about the fact that they may not match or even be the right size. I love how you can play for hours putting together legos. I love that you give people hugs and you make them happy. Will, you are a larger than life personality and you bring lots of laughter into our home. Will you are so loved. We are are so glad that God chose us to be your parents. I love you, Will-Will!

Love, Daddy

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