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Friday, September 05, 2014

Poppy and Enna's Summer Fun

 The boys had several opportunities to hang out with Poppy and Enna this summer. They got to spend several days with them in June and then Reed and Nash went with me back to Mississippi for a trip one weekend.

While we were in Mississippi we went swimming in the lake at the state park. It was fun, but I could never get over the fact that I was in a lake. I thought it was actually pretty gross feeling to have the mud in my toes.

While I was away working the boys were able to go "kayaking". They had a lot of fun.

Reed thought it was nice to be in the wide open waters.

Enna and Poppy had lots of the boys favorite foods. They enjoyed eating.... a lot.

Tuck even got to stay at cousins camp this year. I bet that it was an experience for Poppy and Enna for sure.

Nash enjoyed climbing on the jungle gym.

Reed loves sleeping in the camper.

Will loves everything!

I believe that everyone had a good time.

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