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Friday, September 05, 2014

The Soccer Star Reed

Reed is doing something that we said we would never allow. He is on a travel soccer team. It's not "travel to far off lands" soccer, but it isn't just the ordinary soccer team. We have a great coach, who really knows how to play soccer.

Reed loves the comraderie of his team. He really loves the team. 

 They had their first game a couple of weeks ago, and they did great. It was SOOO hot though. I thought we might burn up right there on the field.

Reed, along with two of his other teammates are in my Sunday School class this year, so I enjoy getting to cheer for my students as well!

Reed ran his little heart out at his two games. He even scored a few goals. The team did a great job. They won both games.

Reed is very serious about his soccer. Oddly enough, he said that he would rather play defense. I thought it would be his goal to make lots of goals.

So, Abbey is definitely now a soccer mom. She even has the little vinyl clingy for the back of her van.

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