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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Abbey's Annual Cookie Swap

One of Abbey's favorite parties to host each year is her cookie swap. Many of her friends also look forward to the good time. This year was no exception.

Ms. Kelsie kept the boys on the day of the cookie swap and Abbey worked at
LifeWay, so we went to pick the boys up at Kelsie's house. We were going to go and hang out with some friends, but they weren't feeling well, so the boys and I headed to Rivergate.

While Abbey finished prepping for the party, the boys and I were at
Chick fil a for a visit with Santa and some chicken nuggets. The boys got to sit on Santa's lap although they were sure to point out to me that it wasn't the real Santa.

Abbey's guests arrived with wonderful looking cookies. One of the crowd favorites were these little chocolate covered cherry mice that Lea brought. While the ladies were chowing down on yummy sweetness, I was crazily taking the boys to Target to let them pick out some toys for Abbey.

Every lady got to choose cookies and vote on their favorites.

The boys picked out some great gifts for their mom. My personal favorite that they chose were the Ninja Turtle panties.

After we were done shopping we headed home. I gave the boys strict rules to go straight upstairs although Reed was desperate to see Mrs. Reeves, his good friend Connor's mom. The boys obeyed well and we went upstairs and played for a little bit.

After bath time, I put Tuck in bed, then the other three boys went to sleep in Will's room. As traditionally happens, I also wen to sleep, however, I had to answer a lot of questions about why the ladies downstairs were so loud.

It certainly sounded like they had a great time.

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