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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pumpkin Party and Running with Pop

Every year, Ms. Candace has her pumpkin party. You are never really sure what all to expect other than food, fun, and pumpkins, and this year was no exception. The boys were thrilled to see a bounce house.

Mrs. Katrina took the kids on a hayride with the four wheeler. The Davidson kids came with us since their parents had other plans for the evening. It was a great party. The boys painted pumpkins and even did a little carving. Since the idea of reaching my hand in a pumpkin makes me sick, I held Tuck.

Sometimes, Will is a real serious kid, but most of the time he is a complete cut-up. I'm not sure where this pic was taken, but it was too good not to share. My guess would be in the car rider line at school while they were waiting for the big boys to get out of school. He does wear clothes, but often takes them off in the car. Oh what a life!

Around Thanksgiving, Nash's class learned all about the pilgrims. He made this cute Pilgrim hat which became infinitely cuter when he put the hat on.
Nash and Will have both been going to speech therapy once a week. Nash to help increase his vocabulary so he doesn't get frustrated and
Will to help pronounce words. They are both doing amazingly and love their speech therapist, Mrs. Kristen. And I do mean love. They beg to go.

On Thanksgiving morning, Abbey and Pop ran the Memphis Turkey Trot. It was Pop's race. The race is 4 miles. They both did great! Abbey was happy to be able to run with her Daddy.

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