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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Open House Nights

Last Monday night we went to Reed and Nash's open house. It was an orientation of sorts for Nash because his teacher had not yet been decided.

Reed was super excited to find his desk with a little treat from his new teacher, Mrs. Rachel. She was so sweet. I think that we are going to really like her this year.

She really made a cute door.

Mrs. Rachel was excited to meet Reed. She does call Mr. Land though, and that kind of makes me feel old.

The next night we went to Will's Open House. It took Will a long time to get acquainted with Mrs. Candi's room. Well, not really.

He is so funny. Whenever you get the camera out, he automatically takes his fingers and pretends to take a picture.

We love Mrs. Candi. She has taught Reed, Nash, and now Will. I'm thinking that she might meet her match this year. So far, she and Mrs. Emily report that he has been a "precious angel".

Nash even got to see his best bud, Luke. He was so happy. They love each other. They are the same age, but Luke is about 1.5 feet taller than Nash.
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