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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nash's First Day of Kindergarten

Nash was so excited to finally be going to kindergarten. He has been a little disappointed that he didn't start at the same time as Reed. He was thrilled that it was finally his day.

So was his awesome big brother Reed. The boys wanted to ride in the car with me because my car on the way to school since I had to leave and go to work after we dropped Nash off. I loved listening to Reed and how he explained every detail including the directions for how to get to school even though Nash has always been in the car when Abbey was taking him to school. Reed also explained to Nash that recess would be his favorite time, because the playground had shredded tires for the ground.

Of course Abbey remember a special treat for Mrs. Sarah and even a little page to get her details so that we could show her appreciation this year. Lola was kind enough to buy all of the "wish list" supplies that Mrs. Sarah had.

We love our little Nash. We are so blessed to have him as our son. He is so sweet and has the most loving personality. Reed took a picture for us.

At school, Nash was a little timid at first, but I am sure that it only took him a few minutes to come out of his shell.

Will calls Nash his best friend so I am sure that it was a different day for Will not to have his buddy around all day.

Mrs. Sarah had blocks out on the table for the kids to play with when they got to class. Nash was excited because he loves building things.

We are so thankful that Nash has Mrs. Sarah. She is the best. We know that she will help Nash have an incredible year.

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