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Monday, September 03, 2012

Demolition Derby

We have lived in Tennessee for almost 8 full years and we have yet to go to our local County Fair. We are not really big fair people, but we decided that it was time to take the boys this year.

Uncle Bill and Ms. Candace decided that they wanted to join us in the fun. On the way to the gate Reed recognized a little girl from his class. That turned out to be a great encounter because they gave us to free passes to get in the fair. Who knew that the cost for admission was $10? That's crazy.

To get the full experience, we decided to go for some fair food. The boys had corn dogs. Abbey, Candace, and Bill had barbeque. And I had the worst chicken on a stick ever. We split a side of fried pickles. Then we went for funnel cakes and fried cookie dough.

Will was overwhelmed by all of the greasy goodness.

People ask us all the time who is our most curious child. I would definitely say that would be Will. He is into everything, but he is always so cute while doing it.

Our biggest motivation for going to the fair was to fulfill something that I've always dreamed of attending. A demolition derby. I knew the boys would love it and I've seen them on TV thinking they would be so cool.

The boys patiently waited for the derby to begin.

We saw lots of people that we knew. It was a good reminder that we live in a great community.

The derby was lots of fun. The boys really liked it and talked a ton about it.

We got lots of mud slung at us, but we definitely made a memory. We will definitely be back.

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